How to Check Aadhar Status by Name and Date of Birth?

Enrolment slip is one of the primary documents which you will get after the applying for aadhar card. It is important for the purpose of checking aadhar card status and many other online works. Sometime some people misplace the enrolment slip and due to that they get trouble while checking aadhar card status. So the question rise that what are the other methods through which people can able to check aadhar status after losing its enrolment slip. There are lot of other methods available and check aadhar status by name and Date of Birth is one of them.

As you know that all people know about his/her name and date of birth which makes easy to all people because there is no change of forgetting name and DOB. This process is more easy and simple from checking aadhar card status by enrolment number but it is useful only when you not have enrolment number and aadhar number.

Process to check Aadhar Card Status by Name and DOB

Aadhar card status by Name and DOB process is similar to aadhar status by URN process except few steps which you will understand after reading the below given steps.

  • Click here to go official website
  • You have one application form in which you should provide information according to section
  • Fill proper information like name, DOB and mobile number
  • After that enter security code as well as verify OTP
  • In last click on get aadhar status and wait few seconds
  • If it is generated then in will show your aadhar number otherwise it will show your “application are processing”
  • You can after few more days with same process

This process is not fully functional but government soon coming with this process so you should adopt other process like aadhar status by enrolment, aadhar status by aadhar etc.

Many people has question in mind so you can ask through the commenting but always take care that not mention aadhar number and enrolment number in comment.

Check Aadhar Card Update Status by Aadhar Number

Aadhar enrolment process is still going on in each city and village of India with the help of Unique Identification Authority of India. It is a ongoing process due to continuously increment of Population of India. UIDAI has made process as well as infrastructure in such a way that it works many years without any interruption. You have many ways to apply aadhar card, check aadhar status and download aadhar card but in this section we learn about checking aadhar card status by aadhar number.

UIDAI works in very efficient manner but due to a small error of UIDAI many people get incorrect aadhar card. So People do online correction and change in aadhar card. All those people want to check update status of aadhar card with the help of URN as well as aadhar number. Process of checking aadhar card Update status is very simple and straight forward but due to lack of proper guidance, people unable to check update status of aadhar card.

Read proper guidance about checking aadhar card status by aadhar number as well as aadhar update status by aadhar number.

Who can check aadhar status by aadhar number?

In this section, you will know who are eligible to check update aadhar status by aadhar. It is important because you have another option to check aadhar status like aadhar status by enrolment status or status by URN number. You have to adopt this process only when you have following criteria.

  • If you lost your enrolment number as well as mobile number
  • If you applied for changes in aadhar card
  • If you had applied for update in aadhar card
  • If you have aadhar number and URN
  • If you did any above works online

How to Check Aadhar Update Status by Aadhar Number?

Now you are waiting to know about the whole process of checking aadhar update status by aadhar number. These processes are applicable across the world if you belong to India. It is only for Indian people as well as non-resident Indian. So full steps are:-

  • First you have to visits right website so click on :-
  • Now you are on the Aadhar Update Check Status Page
  • Where you are seeing two section one is “aadhar number” and other “URN
  • You should enter the respective details in these section
  • After that fill security code as showing in image
  • At the end click on “get status” of aadhar card
  • Within few seconds it will show your update aadhar status

These are the basis and easy to use process which performed by any individuals so save time by avoiding aadhar Kendra. Our purpose is to educate all Indian people who are doing offline works of aadhar card.

Change/Update Aadhaar Card Information Online/offline

So you are looking to correct your aadhar card information then you can do in two ways either through offline or online through government portal. Due to various reasons people gets wrong aadhaar card means information are present in that are not as per the provided document. Mostly time people do mistake at the time of filling aadhar application form. Now to correct or change aadhar information become very easy through the newly launched aadhar portal but you should know the process of doing changes in aadhar card. So here, you will get details information about change/update aadhar card process so you should do as per the given details.

Change/Update Aadhaar Card Details Online

Government has created such a fast, good and easy environment that small computer knowledgeable people can do aadhar card change online. if you want to change or update aadhaar card information like address, date of birth, name and any other thing then you can able to do in two minutes. So learn how to Change Aadhar Card details you should click below.Check full process of changing address and other are given in that with graphic presentation.

Change/Update Aadhar Card Details Offline

Many people scare to do change online so for that the offline method is still available. Aadhar Card holders who want to change aadhar card information through offline then you must do as per the details are given in below.

  • First of All, Download the application form from official website or Pick from the aadhaar centre.
  • Now fill the application form according to which information you want to change
  • Must enter previous enrollment number, aadhar number and other details
  • Attach the document or Xerox copy of respective document which you want to change
  • Put application form with respective document in an envelope
  • Send envelope to the below mentioned addresses so see the below given address and choose which is more suitable for you.

Download Aadhaar Card by Name and Enrollment Number

Enrolment number is given by the UID authority at the time of filling application form for the Aadhar Number. It is very use full until you get aadhar number but many people don’t ware of about that but it is mostly used in check aadhar card status by enrollment number, downloading aadhar card by name and enrollment number as well as many more ways. So here we will discuss about How to download aadhaar by name and enrollment number. Many people are looking to solution of this problem but after reading of this you will get all necessary solution of that. All these steps are pre verified so you can directly do on official website.

Enrolment Number is unique for each individual and it is given to those people who applied for the first time. You must keep remember that always download aadhar card by enrolment number when you have right enrolment. All applicants should do steps according to mention in the below on the official website of UIDAI. Applicants should provide the right name, date of birth, pin code, captcha and mobile number on UIDAI portal otherwise you will unable to find OTP. Mobile number must be according to the application form because you will get OTP on registered mobile number.

Follow Steps to Download Aadhaar by Name and Enrollment Number

download aadhar by enrollment no

  • To download aadhar card by enrollment number, you should click on below given link
  • You will be redirected to the official website and you will get page like give in image
  • Now choose Download aadhar by enrollment by clicking on above (see in image )
  • Fill all the places in application and for that refer attached image
  • You get OTP on registered mobile number after clicking on “Get OTP”
  • Recheck filled information and click on submit & Download Section
  • After few minutes you can download PDF for the futures usage

You PDF password if you’re PIN code which you have provide at the time of submitting address. Take hard copy print of Downloaded Aadhar so that you can use in many other places. If you found any difficulty while downloading then feel free to comment.

Download E aadhar Card by Aadhar Number at

Many people still wait for aadhar card to reach at respected address in this digital era so this may happed due to that they don’t know the process of download aadhar card by aadhar number. So we think that we should make post in which all the steps and process are mentioned with the image related to downloading of aadhar card. Government has recently dedicated self service portal to the all Indian people who are looking to download aadhar card through aadhaar number. It is very simple five to six steps process which is performed by any individuals who has basic knowledge of computer.

As you know, you got aadhar number after the successfully submission of aadhaar application and after that based on application UIDAI provide aadhaar number to each individuals. But many time people forget the aadhar card hard copy and they are unable to provide in any government as well as private works. So if you also lost the aadhar card but you have to remember of your aadhar number then you can download soft copy of aadhar card by aadhar number in five minutes and after that take print out of aadhar card. You can opt procedure of aadhar card download by aadhar number as per give in below section.

Steps to Download E aadhar Card by Aadhar Number

Download Eaadhaar Card by Aadhar Number

  • To download, you must click on this link
  • Select options to aadhaar, as shown in the above picture
  • Now you will got new page and need to fill some information
  • Fill the information as given in the image (instruction also given)
  • After filling, request for the OTP and you will find on registered mobile number
  • Enter the OTP in OTP boxes and click to validate and download
  • After submitting application form, your aadhar will appear on screen
  • So click to download e aadhar card by aadhar number and also take out print of that

Note :- Always provide city pin code while opening aadhaar card PDF and your pin code is mentioned in  your submitted document. If you still getting any problem then feel free to comment and ask.

Download Aadhar Card – Online Aadhar Card Download at

India is moving towards in digital era and aadhar is playing key role to makings digital India so it is not good if aadhar process itself is not digital. So any people can download aadhar card online by performing few simple steps on official website if you don’t know the way of downloading applied aadhar card then you need to read this article before performing any action of the official website. UIDIA authority has given many options to download aadhar card online if you have enough document related to that.

aadhar card download

Every time government as well as UID authority trying to give best solutions to all aadhar applicants and after long time UID has facilitates online portal for the download eaadhar card and you can download as many times as you wants. Earlier time unique identification authority sends the hard copy of aadhar in respective address. But now a day people don’t wait for hard copy and they download UIDAI Card from the official portal. Many people know how to perform all aadhar card downloading actions but many don’t know so who don’t know “How to download aadhar card” they must go through this aadhar card downloading article.

Download Aadhar Card in Following Ways

You have facilities to download aadhar card by using enrollment number, UID Number, Name, Date of Birth and Mobile Number but you need to know the steps to perform the entre process while downloading eaadhaar card. So you should click through which method you want to download duplicate aadhar card. But first you check your aadhar is generated by UID or not and for that you should check aadhar enrollment status. You can choose any of the method as highlighted in below but you should keep the document as per that.

  • Download Aadhar by Aadhar Number
  • Aadhar Download by Enrollment Number
  • Download by URN and Aadhar Number
  • Downalod by Name and DOB

          Download Aadhar by Aadhar No.       Download Aadhar by Enrolment No.


Guideline to Choose Download Aadhar Card Methods

You must keep some precaution while choosing any method so check guideline before choosing aadhar downloading method. So list of guideline are:-

  • Applicants must have registered mobile number in all the cases
  • If you choose aadhar download by aadhar number then you must have valid UID Aadhaar Number.
  • If you choose download by enrollment number then you must keep enrollment slip. It is give at the time of registration or applying.
  • Applicant must have UID if you download through the UID number
  • Must keep document of DOB and Name as you applied for aadhar if you download through the name and DOB

If you have any quarry or need any suggestion then feel free to comment. Applicants must share on facebook and other social platform so that more and more people get benefits through this.

Aadhar Card Status by URN, Aadhaar Status by Update Request Number

Hii Folks ! You may get some time incorrect aadhar card as per the document which you have submitted. UID authority has created very easy and fast mechanism through which you can apply to correct or change aadhar card in few minutes. So for that you should check another change/correct aadhar card and when you apply for changes you get new URN or Update Request Number. Whoever applied for changes they must remember Update Request Number. It will very helpful while checking aadhaar card status by URN.

URN nuber provided to those people made online change like Date of birth, name, and mobile number, address your Aadhar Card. If you did changes recently and want to check current status of aadhar. You must know the steps how to check aadhar card status by URN. If applicants are unable to read the steps then you should check instructions in image which is attached in below steps.

Steps to Check Aadhar Card Status by URN

  • Applicants must visit official website of Aadhaar Self Service Portal (SSUP UIDAI).
  • Now click on the link, check aadhar card status by URN.
  • You will get new page which looks like attached image.
  • Now provide the correct number of aadhar and URN.
  • Check instruction in the image which is highlighted.
  • After that click on the submit and wait few moments.
  • If your aadhar correction is done then it will shown otherwise not.

Note:- URN means universal request number which is given at time of submitting correction application form online or offline.

Aadhar URN Status check provide status of aadhar correction application form. You should check status after 10 to 15 days after submitting application form. Some of video are also available on youtube so you can also check there for detailed information. You can also ask any quarry related to aadhar card by commenting through comment section.

Check Aadhar Card Status by Enrollment Number/Name

Aadhar Projects is handled by Unique Authority of India. it made a mechanism to check aadhar status in such a way that people and technology will works in more efficient way. As you know every day more than millions of applications are processed by the UID authority and all the data are stored in such a way that people get information through single web portal. So it has created enrollment number for the each individual who applied for aadhar card and this is unique for each so that each applicants will able to check Aadhar Card Status by Enrollment. So each individual’s application are known as unique enrollment number and through which you can check aadhar card status.

Enrollment status makes work easy for UID as well as all machinery who works with Aadhar projects. So if any one applied for aadhar card they can check aadhaar card status by enrollment number and name. But for that you should perform some steps on UIDAI portal. Many people don’t know how to check aahdar card status by enrollment number/name then read the below given guide and in that the visual instruction are also mentioned. Before checking aahdar status by enrollement number, you must have valid enrollment number. Through these steps you will be able to check aadhar status in 2 minutes so steps are:-

Follow the below steps to Check Aadhar Card Status by Enrollment Number

  • First you need to open the valid page to check status so click here
  • Now are seeking a form which is given in this page
  • So in that fill enrollment number and date as given in you enrollment slip
  • The enrollment number structure are in this format enrollment/date
  • Now enter security code to verify human
  • After that click on check status button to check aadhar card status
  • Wait few minutes to retrieve your data and it will display in your computer

Applicants if you have any question related to Aadhar Card Status by Enrollment Number then feel free to contact.